Jessa and I met at her church while on a mini vacation in Northwest Arkansas. Jesse's family was really friendly and invited us to a conference just a few days later, offering to help us out, ride with them, or whatever. "We can even help watch your kids!" Jessa's sisters exclaimed, when they heard my Dad wouldn't be able to come and subsequently my Mom's doubts about bringing all of my siblings by herself. Jessa and I only exchanged a few words our first meeting. "Is that an iPhone?" said I. "Yeah, but it's a really old one." she said. I didn't want to say too much and make a fool of myself or look like I was wild about her (though I was on the inside). 

When we left, I told my Mom, "We gotta go to that conference. I'll even pay for our gas money if I have to." and so...we went. I met Josiah and Joseph, two of Jessa's brothers at the conference and befriended them. I also talked to Jessa's Dad and got His number, which was really important. I had a few short conversations with Jessa as well.

Funny story about my first meeting with Jessa's Dad. First impressions are important right? Well I'd been playing football with some guys (including Jessa's bros) and hadn't drank much water and was cramping up badly. I had borrowed a bike from the Duggars to ride to and from the football field. It wasn't until I was on the bike peddling back that I realized I was cramping. "I can't stop peddling" I thought. "I gotta keep my legs moving." I biked speedily along (trying to get back to the water and bananas or any type of anything that I thought would stop cramps.) I rode past Jessa's sister Jinger, who was talking to a group of friends...she waved at me. I didn't wave back and just nodded my head as I grimaced with pain. Jinger's wave slowed and then she lifted her hand to her eyes to shield the sun so as to get a better look at me. "Is he okay???" She must have been thinking. I finally got my bike to the Duggar's RV/campsite and hopped off so fast I left my cleats strung over the handlebars (half accidentally and hurriedly and half because I wanted an excuse to come back later.) I started moving rapidly towards my my family's campsite, which was nearby the Duggar's, when out walked Jessa's Dad from around the corner. He smiled and said hello. firm time...pain...those cramps hurt. "Hi! I'm cramping!!!" I said quickly as I jogged past him. "Oh okay!" He half laughed. After I recovered from the cramps I went back to retrieve my cleats and properly introduce myself. JimBob and I talked for about 15 minutes or so, and I got his number!!! I was so pumped!

I was working at a Country Club Golf Course at this time, and would work overtime to get what the other guys jokingly called my "Duggar money", so I could go up and visit Jessa's family about once every month and a half. I would text Josiah and say "Hey Josiah, I'm thinking about coming up to visit this weekend. Are you and your whole family going to be there?" I wanted to make sure Jessa would be there before I drove four hours there and four hours back just for a few hours of church and fellowship on a Sunday.

I got to talk to Jessa more and we really hit it off. I talked to her Dad about getting her number not long afterwards and we began to text (a group text though...nothing romantic yet...just getting to know each other.)

I asked to court Jessa and we courted for 11 months and then got engaged and got married on November 1st, 2014.