Jessa, Spurgeon, Baby #2 and I took an opportunity for a family walk today! It was starting to rain, so we didn’t stay out too long, but it gave us a chance to unwind a bit and have some time together.


Some of our favorite things about family walks are:


  • Fresh air and sunshine (well most of the time).
  • A ride in the stroller - Spurgeon :)
  • Family fun and quality time without a spending a dime!
  • Exercise!


If you live in the country like I did growing up, the walk may be more of an off road hike or an excursion down the dirt road. Might not be ideal for strollers if you have young ones, but using a baby carrier can provide a nice added workout. Or you could get in the car and drive to a walking trail if you have one nearby.


A walk is a perfect time to enjoy each other’s company, appreciate God’s creation or talk about the day. With a little planning ahead, you could bring a blanket and a lunch and have a meal together in the great outdoors! We plan on getting in many more family walks before the weather gets too frigid.