When I was young I wanted to be a paleontologist and dig up dinosaur bones (fossils). I couldn't yet pronounce my 's' as of yet, but I loved laying in the driveway with a cheap little plastic paintbrush and a screwdriver and brush and poke at a special "fothil" (fossil).

When I was young, I loved asking for snacks when I went to my Grandparents. "Can I have a piethe or theethe pleathe!?" I would ask. (Translation: Can I have a piece of cheese please?) My Grammy would then happily get me a slice of cheese. My parents once told me, "Ben, you shouldn't ask for cheese, but if they offer it to you, then you can have it." "OK" I said. When we arrived I walked in and said: "Hi Gwammy! Hi Gwampa! Mom and Dad said I can't ask fow theethe, but if you offew it to me, then I can have it!" Everyone laughed and I got my cheese.

I would spend hours up close to a piece of paper drawing sharks, whales, soldiers, dinosaurs and ships. As a result I got nearsighted and have to wear contacts or glasses.

Before I met Jessa I grew some facial hair in order to look older (and because I thought it was manly) I decided not to say anything about my age because when we first met I was still 17 (almost 18 though) and Jessa was 20. I didn't want her to write me off as a possibility just because she thought I was too young. I wanted her to truly get to know me first and then I would reveal my age. Well, Jessa has a lot of siblings, and so eventually someone asked me and I let on. But it was okay by this point. I later found out that when Jessa heard how young I was that she didn't want me to know she was 20 because she didn't want me to write her off as being too old or out of my age group!