I know it's Father's Day and not "Husband's Day"... but since our kids are young and can't say much, I want to give a shoutout to my best friend! I love the love that you have for our boys. They adore you. I think it's the sweetest thing on earth to see you take them up in your arms, hug them, and kiss them as you whisper "Daddy loves you."Henry thinks you're the best (as do I), and his little face lights up when you talk to him. Spurgeon looks forward to you coming home from work, and when he hears you pulling in the driveway he gets excited and does his little happy dance! You're never too tired after a hard days work to take on Spurgeon in a wrestling match. He laughs and thinks it's just the greatest thing when you let him tackle you! You get down on the kids' level to build block towers and read books. And I think Spurgeon would agree, you're way better than me at making all the different voices of the characters you read about during story-time. 

You've changed countless diapers, and let's be real-- I heard you holler from the changing table that "Mr. Pebblesmith needs to lay off the Goldfish and eat some prunes." He did. And it worked. Ha! You've dealt with diarrhea and diaper rash cream like a champ. But still can't believe you were a Dad for 17 months before earning the official badge of Fatherhood: getting peed on (and yes, of course, it would strike on a Sunday morning, during church). 

You lay down with tired babies and sing to them as they're falling asleep. When our one-year-old was in a routine of waking up crying at least once or twice in the night, you would pick him up, snuggle with him until he went back to sleep, then lay him gently back in his bed. When he finally started sleeping through the night at 16 months, I think it was one of those bittersweet moments... because a solid night's sleep is amazing, but as your baby outgrows each phase it makes you realize just how quickly they're growing up. 

You've dealt with ear infections, illnesses, and trips to the doc. You've set multiple alarms on your phone in order to get up in the night and check on a sick baby, and you've dosed out meds when needed.

You've gone on a million bottle and pacifier hunts, searching under literally every piece of furniture until the missing treasure was found. "Babe, you'll never guess. It was in the washing machine!" Your slippers have gone missing and have eventually been found in the laundry hamper-- along with a pile of books and toys. And speaking of laundry, you know you're a mature father when you discover late at night that a kid just peed or spit up on your side of the bed, and changing the sheets doesn't even cross your mind. I'll just throw a bath towel on it for tonight and call it good. (P.S. Wouldn't you agree that our washable mattress cover is on our list of Most Valuable Investments? The mattress has been spared 1000x.)

You've run to the store for diapers more than I have, and you know by heart that Spurgeon wears size 5 Huggies Little Movers and Henry wears size 3 Pampers Baby Dry. And even when forget to bring a grocery bag, you can pile those 4oz 78¢ Aldi's organic fruit and veggie purée food pouches a foot high, because you know they're nearly twice the price anywhere else. After Spurgeon found that he could turn upside down and shake water out of his sippy cup, you saved our hardwood floors by  shopping around for a quality spill-proof replacement. With the busyness of life with littles, we don't always make it to the gym. But on days when we miss out, you'll often turn the living room floor into our workout pad, and Spurgeon loves it 'cause you let him be involved! He thinks it's great to climb on your chest and ride along when you're trying to do sit-ups, and he gets down on the ground beside you and wants to mimic when you're doing push-ups. Of course his favorite is when you put him up on your shoulders and just give him a ride around the house! He feels like he's on top of the world.In our cozy little house, you don't have an office or a study, but you've learned to work efficiently, even in the midst of a noisy environment. You grab a glass of cold brew and your stack of theology books and take over the glider rocker in the baby's room, using the ottoman as your desk. You've had to fidget with prying those almost-adult-proof baby-proof outlet covers out when all you want to do is charge your laptop! But even in the midst of college studies, you welcome interactions with the kiddos-- to ooh and ahh over Spurgeon's Crayola artwork or to talk to babbling baby Henry. I'm grateful that my sons have you as to look up to a role model and a hero. You'd be the first to say that you're not perfect. Often as we lay in bed at night, you'll take my hand in yours and pray for our sons. You pray that God will give us wisdom to be good parents, to be patient and loving. But most of all, you plead with the Lord that He would do a work in Spurgeon and Henry's hearts-- that we might faithfully teach them the gospel, and that they would come to know Jesus Christ from a young age. You're such a tender-hearted daddy, and I feel so blessed to have you as my husband and the father of our children. Words cannot even begin to express the appreciation we have for you. We love you so much.

Happy Father's Day! 

-Jes (for the boys)