Dearest Jessa,

It’s your birthday, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to call you some names.

“Jessa-Blessa:” Because you were such a blessing to your parents growing up, and because you’re such a blessing to your own little family now. (Plus it rhymes!)

“Bride:” I could call you “wife” but “bride” carries more of the romantic sentiment of the wedding day. Because I want the young love to continue and remember the vows we made to each other, I’ll call you “Bride”…”MY Bride!”

“Mother:” Throwing this one in here for Spurgeon and Baby #2 because you are such a loving and caring mother to them. Since they’re too young to say “Happy birthday,” I’ll say it for them.

“Beautiful:” Because you are! Inside and out!

“Amazing:” Okay…maybe not a name, but you are amazing!

“Beloved:” Because you’re my Beloved and you are beloved of God.

I thank God that He brought you into the world and that He brought us together! You’ve blessed my life and the lives of others in so many ways! I love you from the depths of my heart!

Happy birthday, Sweetheart!